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How To Inspect your Old Pool Cover

For Safety or Non-Safety Covers

Pool cover instalation

Anchor Bolt

Chafe Strip

Anchor Bolt


Rubber Strap

UV light has rotted the thread


QUICK INSPECTION FOR COLOR FADING UV DAMAGE Compare the top and bottom of your swimming pool cover. If the top is faded compared to the bottom, you have UV damage. On inground pool covers up to five years old, the top will not be faded. At this stage, the cover of the pool probably only needs repair, not replacement. The older the pool cover, the more faded the top will be.

INSPECTING THE STITCHING AND FABRIC First, inspect the stitching on the top of your inground pool cover's straps. If stitching threads are broken, the UV light has rotted the thread.

On swimming pool covers 7 years or older, it's typical to see some broken stitches. On pool storage covers that are older than 10 years, you will see much broken or loose stitching.

That means UV has dry-rotted the thread. Your safety pool cover is no longer safe; someone could fall through it.

Next, check the fabric itself. On inground pool covers 10 years or older you will see that the weaving of the fill threads is detaching from the warp threads. When you have this condition, combined with many broken threads and stitches, the end of your swimming pool cover's life is near.

HOW TO DROP-OFF OR SHIP (UPS) YOUR INGROUND SAFETY POOL COVER Make sure your safety pool cover is clean and dry. Be sure you have inspected the cover yourself, according to this guide so you will know if you need repair or replacement.

Please place the cover under the sun's UV light for one or two hours to allow the sun's radiation to kill mold and mildew that's in the fibers of the cover.

Please do this 24 hours prior to delivering or shipping the cover.

Please Remove all springs and buckles from the straps.

Fold up your safety pool cover first to figure out what size box you will need. Pack it into the smallest box possible for the lowest shipping rate. Bigger boxes cost more for the same weight. Next, go to a U-Haul or a self-storage facility to buy the box. Pack the cover into the box and take it to the UPS store.

Be sure to label the box carefully with our address D.S. Sewing, Inc. 40 Hockanum Blvd Vernon, CT 06066. Put your contact information into a packing slip on the outside of the box. Also, put your contact information inside the box on a separate sheet of paper. We'll call you shortly after your pool cover arrives.

Call Dave Steinhardt at (800) 789-8143. For a fair price for the highest quality.

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