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Replacement Hardware
These are the same quality accessories that we feature with the purchase of a new safety pool cover. For each part desired, select by clicking BUY. This will take you to the next page, where you can enter the quantity desired. To select another part, return to this page by using your browser's Back button.

Item Description Price  Select
Brass pool anchor for concrete $5.50
Brass anchor with flange for wood deck $5.50
Aluminum lawn pool anchor $7.00
8" Long Stainless steel spring $7.25
5" Short Stainless steel spring $7.25
Cover for spring $3.25
Stainless Steel buckle $1.25
Reinforcement chafe strip for pool cover straps. This material, when applied under straps, will provide extra protection from wear-and-tear. $4.00
Aluminum tamping tool $3.50
Installation rod $19.00
Rubber strap with stainless-steel ring slides over anchor bolt. For non-safety pool covers. $2.50


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