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Instructions for Measuring your Custom Dry-Dock Cover

Distance from Stern to 12" below Waterline

  • Start measuring at the stern of the frame Measure to 12" below the stern waterline.
  • Write this measurement in square on your Dry-Dock Cover form.
Width of Dry-Dock Cover, Port to Starboard

  • Start measuring 12" inches below the port waterline
  • Measure up and over the first rib End measurement 12" below the starboard waterline
  • Write this measurement into on your Dry-Dock Cover form
Ridgepole Length, Bow to Stern
  • Start measuring from the bow of the frame
  • Measure up and along the length of the ridgepole to the stern
  • End your measurement at the stern of the frame
  • Write the measurement in the marked Ridgepole Length on the Dry-Dock Cover form
Repeat Width of Dry-Dock Cover, Port to Starboard

  • Repeat step seven for each rib
  • Write each measurements in the corresponding on your Dry-Dock Cover form
  • Continue until you have measured all ribs of the frame
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