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Truck Tarps and Accessories

Tarp Accessories

Rubber Straps

rubber strap

Beware of cheap imitations, ours are the highest quality.
(Boxes of 50)
21" only $58.20/box
31" only $64.80/box
Tough-TarpRepair Kits
tarp repair kit
only $55.00 each
Save costly damage to your valuable load and tarp. Fix tears and rips when and where they happen.

Tarp Repair Service

Minor repairs-

same day service!

Large rips or alterations- only one or two days.

only $50.00 per hour plus materials

tie down assembly Tie Down Assemblies
2" Ratchet Strap Assembled with a wide handle ratchet, flat hook and tear resistant webbing.
only $17.00 each

or $170.00 for box of 10
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