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Every Chameleon Rolling Tarp System is custom designed to fit your application...

In case of an accident, the Modular Design allows for easy replacement of the damaged components reducing down-time and cost.


The wheels of the sliding bows are made of a Shock Absorbent material specially designed for protecting the rails against premature wearing.


The tarp can be shifted to any position on the trailer to allow for back, top and side loading without restrictions.
No more "last in, first out" syndrome common to all conventional van style units.


  • The headboard and tarp are connected using the new Winglock design (patent pending).
  • The aluminum wings, hinged to the front bow, easily snap onto the headboard.
  • By closing the Winglock the system tensions itself and becomes secure and watertight.
  • Our headboards remain 102" even on over width systems.


Our Railguard is designed to protect the rail against forklift impacts by placing it wherever the forklift is loading/unloading.

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