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The Bug Umbrella
the outdoor yard deck & patio bugscreen gazebo

The Bug Umbrella solves the insect problems that we experience when trying to enjoying our yards and decks.Now you can entertain in your yard without being hindered by pesky insects. No need for bug lights and fog repellents.Enjoy the outdoors without spending the next day scratching those insect bites. This new product easily and quicklyconverts from a fashionable patio table umbrella into a completely Screenedin Gazebo.

The Bug Umbrella stores folded downjust like any other umbrella. The lower crank is turned to openthe umbrella. The valence is then released revealing the screen sides beforethey are lowered.

The weighted screen sides are thenlowered by turning the upper crank handle. With the screen sides loweredthe Bug Umbrella creates a completely screened in gazebo.

This unique design has two crank handles,one to raise the umbrella and one for the screen sides. The Over-lappingpanel doors provide easy hands free entry and exit. The Bug Umbrella replacesordinary patio umbrellas, it is not an accessory to be used withan existing umbrella.

  • Bug Umbrella Highlights
  • No assembly required
  • No components to remove and store
  • Aluminumframe is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Environmentally friendly insect control
  • Fits into a standard market umbrella stand
  • 11 foot wingspan provides abundant shade
  • Screen sides are concealed in the valence pocket
  • Creates 1000 cubic feet of insect free space

Poly Screen Accessory:

Optional 100 sq. ft poly screenfabric to keep insects from flying up from between your floor decking.
This screen fabric is stapled or nailed to the under side of your deckbelow the Bug Umbrella.


Bug Umbrella
$923.45 each

Poly Screen Accessory
$25.00 each

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Ifyou are not completely satisfied within 30 days you can return the BugUmbrella for a full refund.

If you would likemore information or to purchase a Bug Umbrella by phone:

Call Toll Free:1-800-789-8143

E-mail: sales@ds-sewing.com

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